A Dose of Natural Health News from Dr. Mercola

In a world polluted by chemicals and toxins, people are always looking for safer ways to improve their health and treat their ailments.

The best solution is to go natural. Dr. Joseph Mercola, a well-known osteopathic physician from Chicago, can help you with this. His natural health news and recommendations have helped people around the world to improve their health and well-being.

Why Should You Go Natural?

Dr. Mercola believes that our current medical paradigm is flawed--doing more harm than good.  To protect his readers from scams, harmful pharmaceutical drugs, and medical malpractice, he prescribes holistic, natural health treatments. Dr. Mercola encourages people to take natural courses of action that are more beneficial to their bodies, such as taking natural supplements, using organic products and making healthier lifestyle choices.

About Natural Health News

This blog serves as a natural health guide for Dr. Mercola's readers. It will publish his latest and most-read news articles. It aims to educate and inform audiences from all over the world about natural health methods and new discoveries.

Learn More about Dr. Mercola

Dr. Mercola is based in Illinois, where he has been providing medical service since 1985. His website, Mercola.com, has been providing natural health news since 1997.

Dr. Mercola provides a FREE daily newsletter to his readers. It includes interesting health updates and news and tips for physical, emotional, and mental health.  

Dr. Mercola is the author of three New York Times Bestsellers: The No-Grain Diet, The Great Bird Flu Hoax, and Effortless Healing. The Huffington Post also awarded him the title of"The Ultimate Game Changer in Wellness" in 2009.

He has been featured in the L.A. Times, Time Magazine and on news programs such as ABC's "World News Tonight", Today Show, Fox News, CNN, CBS’s “Washington Unplugged” with Sharyl Attkisson, The Dr. Oz Show, and NBC.

He established the Natural Health Center in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, so he can assist people in making natural health choices by providing them with customized treatment plans.